About Kenton

Kenton School is an 11-19 Academy situated on Kenton Lane in Newcastle upon Tyne.

It is one of the largest schools in England, with 2010 places, including 300 in the Sixth Form.

It opened in 1960, as a City of Newcastle maintained Comprehensive School, but chose to convert to Academy status in 2012. In 2014 it formed a Multi-Academy Trust (Kenton Schools Academy Trust) which opened Studio West, a new Studio School, in West Denton in 2014.

Kenton School has been inspected four times by Ofsted. The most recent inspection was in 2016.

The Headship Team

Sarah Holmes-Carne - Principal

Richard Devlin - Senior Vice Principal

Andrew Clark - Vice Principal

Noel Stoddart - Vice Principal

If you have a Safeguarding issue, please contact us as soon as possible and talk to a Designated Member of staff.

At Kenton School we strictly follow the principles and rules as outlined in the Keeping Children Safe in Education policy.

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