Consultation on Behaviour Sysyem

Dear Parents/Carers

At Kenton School we are determined to ensure that all pupils can achieve their best and we know that to do so classrooms need to be calm and orderly to allow our colleagues to teach excellent lessons.

I have completed a full review of our Behaviour Policy and how classroom behavior is being addressed currently and I am of the view that the system needs to be made clearer so there is consistency and clarity regarding both rewarding positive behavior but dealing fairly with disruption in lessons. Accompanying this letter is a proposal to introduce a Consequence System so that classroom behavior has clear sanctions attached to it should a pupil choose to interrupt a lesson.

Consequence System Details (.pdf)

It is very important that parents are given the chance to contribute to the discussion surrounding this change and offer any views you may have as to its strengths and weaknesses. As such I am offering the following opportunities for you to share with me your views on the change:

  1. You can complete the form on the back of this letter that was issued to all parents/carers and send it back to school with your child or post it
  2. You can email the school at and mark the email FAO Mr Devlin
  3. You can complete a short online form which can be found at our

    Parent Survey Link

  4. A meeting will be held at Kenton School on Thursday 29th November at 5.00pm where you will have the opportunity to receive further information, ask questions or make suggestions.

Once I have had a chance to read your views and adapt the policy accordingly I am looking for the new system to go live in January. On a rolling programme starting with Year 9 and then a few weeks later a different year group so that all year groups will be on the new behaviour system over six to eight weeks.

I am very keen to hear your views as we will need your support to ensure the system works well. I am absolutely convinced the new system will help eradicate low level disruption which can spoil a lesson as well as focusing on the rewards that positive behaviours bring.

Kind Regards

Mr Devlin
Vice Principal

24th November 2018

If you have a Safeguarding issue, please contact us as soon as possible and talk to a Designated Member of staff.

At Kenton School we strictly follow the principles and rules as outlined in the Keeping Children Safe in Education policy.

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