Behaviour Guidelines and Policy

This policy aims to establish the principles which underpin our guidance on behaviour to learners and staff at Kenton School. It articulates a framework within which behaviour can be shaped so that it conforms to acceptable school norms and also supports the learning processes that occur within school.


It is derived from the vision within Kenton School, implicit in the motto 'All Different All Equal'.


Kenton learners from all backgrounds and of all abilities can and should enjoy their learning, behave and attend well, make excellent progress and achieve highly, develop their leadership and personal skills greatly, then progress to the most challenging and rewarding higher education and careers. They can and should become capable, creative adults who leave the world, their country, their community, their family and themselves much better than they found them. We need to believe this and pursue strategies vigorously, rigorously, consistently, and with focus, that will make it happen. Barriers need to be jumped over or smashed out of the way.


Behaviour Policy (DOCX)

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