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Since the start of term, Kenton School has operated Lateral Flow Testing for those families who have consented for their child to take part.  The mature attitude of all pupils has been exemplary throughout.


Starting Sunday 21st March, we will move to the home testing system.  This is a very easy test to complete twice a week at home.


On Friday 19th March, all pupils will be issued 2 Lateral Flow Test boxes.  Each box contains 3 tests and we will also give an instruction pack showing how to use the test.  Pupils will watch a short film during form time on Friday 19th March showing how to conduct their test.  The pupils will follow the same process as they have done in school. Lateral flow testing is for those who do not show symptoms of Coronavirus.  If you do have symptoms, you should complete a full PCR test.  You can order this online through the government website.


We ask that you support your child to complete the self-test on the following evenings, just before bedtime if possible:


  1. Sunday 21st March

  2. Wednesday 24th March

  3. Sunday 28th March

  4. Wednesday 31st March

  5. Leave a 2 week break over Easter Holidays

  6. Sunday 18th April


Ideally tests should be taken 3-4 days apart so keeping to this regular routine will make sure that any traces of Covid-19 will be spotted as early as possible.


We have issued enough LFT Kits so that pupils can be tested before they return to school after the Easter break.  There is no need to do any tests over the Easter holidays, please follow the dates given above. All pupils have been given access to test kits.  There is no need for written consent when using home testing kits.  Consent is assumed by the taking of the test.


How to do your test – all links can be found on the Parents/carers section of the Kenton School website

Please watch the following video that will show you the process from start to finish.

How to do a Covid-19 self-test

There is also a step by step guide for testing that has been given to your child.


You must report every Covid19 self-test result to the NHS result system and also to Kenton school.


To do this, click on both of the links below and complete the information


Kenton School – Kenton Result Log


If you have any questions, please email for the attention of Miss Gibson, as the Covid Coordinator for Kenton School.


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