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Kenton School Results - June 2020

Concerns about your Results

If you have concerns about a grade you have been awarded, you can:

  • make a CAG Request:  CAGs and rank orders must be formally requested in writing addressed to the Chair of Governors by Wednesday 2nd September 12 noon.

  • make a Subject Access Request:  Kenton School has a process in place to be able to distinguish between a request for the CAG under this policy and a Subject Access Request under GDPR. Under GDPR, Subject Access Requests do not have to be made in writing and do not have to mention the words “GDPR” or “Subject Access Request”. It is for the School to be able to recognise that the student is exercising their legal right to make a Subject Access Request.

  • ask Kenton School to check whether an error was made when submitting your centre assessment grade and rank order to the awarding body

  • raise a complaint if you feel you have evidence of bias or that you were discriminated against; you should follow your school’s complaint procedure for this or you could also pass such evidence on to the awarding body who could investigate for potential malpractice

  • seek any information the awarding body holds in relation to how your final grade was calculated

  • ask for information about the opportunity to take an exam in the autumn series

Arrangements for Appeals

Candidates can appeal their grades to the awarding bodies through Kenton School if they feel the process this summer was not followed correctly in their case.

A candidate can:

  • ask Kenton School to appeal on their behalf to an awarding body if there is evidence that leads a candidate to believe:

    • Kenton School made an error when submitting a centre assessment grade or rank order information

    • an awarding body made a mistake when calculating, assigning or communicating a grade

  • appeal against the Kenton School’s decision

    • not to seek any information the awarding body holds that would be needed for an appeal; and/or

    • not to appeal to the awarding body 

A candidate cannot:

  • appeal to the awarding body against their centre assessment grades and position in the rank order

  • appeal to the awarding body in respect of the process or procedure used by Kenton School in calculating their centre assessment grades and position in the rank order

  • appeal directly in any respect to the awarding body    

Candidates can appeal to Kenton School about the CAG they were awarded if they feel the process this summer was not followed correctly in their case.  Please read and complete the application form in the document:  ‘Appeals Policy CAG Internal’ that is on the Kenton School website by 7 September 2020.

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Obtaining Past Exam Results or Replacement Exam Certificates

To obtain past results or replacement exam certificates please contact the awarding bodies using their online application forms. The awarding bodies’ website addresses are listed below. These organisations have incorporated boards that are no longer in existence.


They have on-line application forms and will make a charge.

They may ask for a centre number for Kenton School – this is 39241.

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