Governors' Statement of Principle

The expectations and aspirations for Kenton School learners are high. Governors, teachers and associate staff at Kenton School understand that these skills, attitudes and abilities are developed as people learn and grow. In keeping with our "All Different All Equal" motto, we expect and understand that some learners will excel whilst others may need more support and encouragement to meet these expectations.


In order to support all learners to achieve their potential we have the following in place:


  • Clear guidelines and rules which are communicated to staff, learners and parents. This includes an acknowledgement of the principle of joint enterprise as it applies in school.

  • Rewards for achievement and progress.

  • A wide range of sanctions for poor behaviour or lack of commitment.

  • An appropriate and easy to use system for recording all aspects of behaviour.

  • Support systems to help learners improve their behaviour which include partnerships with external agencies such as Behaviour Support Service and Educational Psychologists.

  • Guidance for teaching and learning staff on managing behaviour for learning.

  • A clear understanding of how incidents of ill-discipline should be challenged giving regard to the context in which they occur.

  • Appropriate consultation systems for staff, learners, parents and Governors which will enable us to adapt our policy and systems.


It is the responsibility of all staff to ensure that good order and discipline are maintained at all times in school. The school is committed to ensuring that all staff receive appropriate training and guidance to allow them to discharge this duty.

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