The Kenton Learning Zone (KLZ) is the place for students to go, when they are studying outside of school.


You can access the KLZ by following THIS LINK


You can revisit the lessons you have had in class by looking at the resources in the lessons folder. Many of the PowerPoints that have been used in your lessons will have had audio explanations or videos added to them, so you can have another look at something you were interested in or didn’t quite understand the first time you saw it.



Past papers and practice exams will be available in the KLZ; these will be important for KS4 and KS5 students preparing for final exams.  All year groups will be able to access their Personal Learning Checklists (PLCs) from the KLZ.  PLCs are a list of all you need to know for an assessment, along with links to helpful revision sites and videos.



Subjects will save interesting articles or activities in their Engagement folder. This will be great for students who have an interest in a particular subject and want to extend their learning even further than what we study in class.



We encourage all students to attend school every day, but if there is a legitimate reason why a student cannot attend and this has been discussed with Year Leaders, then they will be able to access their learning at the KLZ. To find out what lessons to complete, absent students should email teachers each week.


Details of our remote learning provision in the event of lockdown or partial closure are included in this document, the template for which was provided by the Department for Education.

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