Key Stage 3 Music and Drama

“Lessons are aimed at developing musicianship, knowledge and appreciation of different musical genres.”


Awarding Body

Who to contact for more information about this course

Queries should be directed to Mr Whitehead

Years taught

Year 7 and Year 8

What is the course structure?

In years 7 and 8 music lessons are aimed at developing musicianship, knowledge and appreciation of different musical genres. Learners should enjoy the use of guitars, keyboards, drums and voice. Students will work on performance material as well as composing. Work is completed as individuals, pairs and large groups too.


In Year 8 we introduce Drama and Performing Arts which students study on a carousel with Music. During this we will develop skills in vocal work, creativity and confidence.

What will I study?

Year 7

Basic Skills: What makes a good song? Learners learn the ideas behind the biggest hits and are introduced to singing, guitar, drums and keyboard.


Just Play: This project begins with the class as one whole band, exploring vocals, keyboard, guitar, drums and ukulele. Over the project students specialise on one instrument and work in smaller groups and bands. They will develop their performance and confidence skills throughout.

Year 8

Pantomime: Learners learn about the history, traditions and social context of pantomime and take part in improvised and scripted performances.

Blues, Rock and Roll: This project will focus on the early development of Blues music. Its social and cultural significance and how it developed and influenced future musical genres.


World Music: Learners recap and expand their knowledge of music from around the world, taking part in drum workshops and listening to music form other cultures.


Musical Theatre: In this scheme of work learners develop their music and acting skills in a series of tasks related to the school's summer musical production.

How is the course assessed?


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