Key Stage 3 Spanish

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Awarding Body

Who to contact for more information about this course

Queries should be directed to the MFL Department

Years taught

Year 7 and Year 8

What is the course structure?

Across Key Stage 3 learners can expect to be taught from a wide ranging curriculum.

What will I study?


  • Greetings/Names

  • Alphabet

  • Classroom Language

  • Nos 1-20/Age/Birthday/Months

  • Where you live

  • Brothers/Sisters/family

  • Descriptions-hair/eyes

  • Descriptions-size

  • Pets

  • Description of town-places

  • Description of town-character

  • House type and location

  • Free time activities

  • Routines

  • Date place and time

  • Cafe where to go

  • Snacks and drinks

  • Visit to Spain

  • Finding your way around

  • Interesting activities

  • Clothes and colours

  • Likes and dislikes

  • Shopping for clothes

How is the course assessed?


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