A Level French

“Our French specification inspires, challenges and motivates students, enabling them to progress to the next stage of their language learning.”


A Level

Awarding Body


Course Specification

Who to contact for more information about this course

Queries should be directed to Ms Korovesis

Years taught

Year 12 and Year 13

What is the course structure?

A 1 or 2 year course, examined end of Year 12 AS and Year 13 A2.

What will I study?

AS topics:

  • Media

  • Popular culture

  • Healthy living/lifestyle

  • Family/relationships

  • Friendships/Marriage/partnerships


A2 topics:

  • Region of France and a novel or a film

  • Environment

  • The Multicultural Society

  • Contemporary Social Issues

How is the course assessed?

  • AO1: Understand and respond, in speech and writing, to spoken language

  • AO2: Understand and respond, in speech and writing, to written language

  • AO3: Show knowledge of and apply accurately, grammar and syntax

AS examinations

  • Unit 1: Listening, Reading and Writing

  • Unit 2: Speaking Test

A2 examinations


  • Unit 3: Listening, Reading and Writing

  • Unit 4: Speaking Test

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