Welcome to Kenton School

A message from our Principal

Principal Sarah Holmes-Carne, smiling at her desk.

I am delighted to be able to address all prospective parents, as you make choices about your child’s secondary school. You know how important your choice of secondary school is for your child’s success.


Our ideal starting point is that every pupil comes from a family which has positively chosen Kenton, because both child and family will start with commitment and confidence. Kenton remains a hugely popular choice with our parents.

Year 7 for September 2020 is once again over-subscribed, and we have a lengthy waiting list.

“Year 7 for September 2020 is once again over-subscribed, and we have a lengthy waiting list" 

The Post-16 provision continues to grow, building on exceptional results and student destinations, both for University and Level 3 apprenticeships​

GCSE predictions for this current Year 11 demonstrate the performance table statistics are set to rise again, with the class of 2021 on course for the best results ever. 


There is much to celebrate at Kenton School and this prospectus will offer you a unique insight into the many changes and improvements we have made.


We hope it acts as a guide to enable you to ask the questions of the staff you find most pressing.


I feel hugely privileged to lead Kenton School and, if you choose for your child to attend Kenton School, I would wish to work with you to ensure your child receives an outstanding education.

S Holmes-Carne, Principal

Our Values & Ethos

The values and ethos of our school are embodied in our school vision:

"Outstanding teaching and learning for all students, so that knowledge is embedded and disadvantage is not a barrier to learning. All students reach their potential, so that they are well placed for life beyond school. Ensuring confident, happy and resilient students, who treat others with compassion and respect."

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