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Physical Education 
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Vision and values 

‘Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does.’ 

Nelson Mandela, 2000 




The PE Department   

The PE curriculum has been planned with the departmental vision in mind; ‘Participation ,Enjoyment, Engagement, Competition’. The PE curriculum allows students to have ‘the best possible chance in life’ through its broad, balanced curriculum and enrichment programme. The aim of Physical Education at Kenton School is to instil lifelong engagement in sport and physical activity, and to embed an understanding of the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle.  

We are committed to developing a challenging environment in which pupils work outside of the comfort zone and achieve the best results possible for them. 

At KS3 the focus is on high quality Physical Education that develops young people’s confidence, emotional wellbeing, physical health and life skills. Physical Education is a vehicle through which a joy of movement is established, leadership skills are developed and a love for sport and physical activity is fostered. 

At KS4 students have the opportunity to opt for an examination course in AQA GCSE PE or NCFE Health and Fitness. These courses are designed so students can learn how the body works during exercise and how sport and physical activity promote health. This KS4 courses builds upon the fundamental skills learnt at KS3 and gives students a greater depth and understanding of the Principles of Training, reducing the risk of injury, sports nutrition and the body’s response to training. 

At KS5 students can choose to study OCR Cambridge Sport and Physical Activity, extended certificate. It is not essential to have studied Sport and KS4, but strong background in Biology is required if not. The course builds on the knowledge gained in KS4 in Sport in Action and Anatomy and Physiology as well as Sport Development. 


Why students should get involved: 

Benefits to students - personal development through extracurricular participation: 

  • Learning outside of lessons 

  • Not being afraid to try something new 

  • Talent identification 

  • Chance to meet new people  

  • Getting involved and contributing 

  • Helping to develop a greater sense of belonging 

  • Being part of a group or team 

  • Time management and multi-tasking 

  • Self-improvement and opportunities to practice a skill 

  • Developing interpersonal skills e.g. listening, leadership, confidence, negotiating, oracy and problem solving 

  • Setting our students apart from the rest when making University and work applications 

This is all achieved by: 

Delivering ‘Engaging' lessons that inspire and motivate all students regardless of their ability and offering ‘Outstanding’ extra curricular provision. 

Details for PE clubs will be published here once they are allowed to restart.

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