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Student planners - Spring Term

Dear Parent\Carer,

I am writing to inform you of an exciting and important development at Kenton School involving our new student planner. Having trialled this in term 1 we are convinced of its merits and have now issued students with brand new term 2 planners. The planner contains the homework tasks for the full term. Every student has a different subject homework task every day. Students are expected to complete their homework tasks in the planner either on the page on which the task is set or on the lined pages at the back of the planner. Some practical subjects may set a slightly different style of task. If this is the

case, teachers will explain to students.

We see the planner as an essential means of communication with yourselves and they contain all the information you need to know regarding the systems and expectations of the school. Part of this is the Home School Agreement that is located on page 7 of the planner, could you please read and sign the Parent\Carer section. Staff will record any

Consequence System or Praise System comments in the daily records and again we ask for you to read and sign to acknowledge you have read the comments.

Students are required to bring their planners to school every day so that homework can be checked and the planner can be used as a means of communication. Failure to do so is being monitored through our computer system with a report being generated every day. Failure to bring the planner will result in a detention on Friday of that week after school. The

planners have been provided at a considerable cost to the school. Therefore if a planner is lost or purposely damaged, then they must be replaced at the cost price of £3.50 from the school finance office on B2 corridor.

I trust that you will support us with the completion of the homework tasks of your child and monitor the comments by staff by signing the planners each week.

Yours sincerely,

R. Carradice

Assistant Headteacher

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